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Color Palette Samples

Logo Samples

If you're curious about my past work, here is a collection of real logos and imagined brands for your review.

Sugar Fairy Logo.png


Imagined Brand: Sugar Fairy

Design Prompt: Design a logo for a bakery that specializes in creative and playful pastries. Capture a sense of sweetness and delight.


Imagined Brand: Unreal Cyber

Design Prompt: Create a logo for a cutting edge cybersecurity service provider. The logo should convey high-tech, cutting edge expertise.



Imagined Brand: Clarity Yoga Studios

Design a logo for a yoga studio that promotes inner peace and mindfulness. The logo should evoke a sense of calmness and well-being. Style options: Abstract, Incorporating lotus flower symbol.


Imagined Brand:
Gaming Channel

Create a logo for a popular gaming channel known for its energetic and engaging content. The logo should be bold, eye-catching, and appeal to gamers. Style options: Mascot design, Vibrant colors.

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